Snap it, #Tag it and Sell it, as simple as A, B, C! Welcome to your local community's virtual market where everyone can sell or buy without needing a business bank account, disclosing their payment card or bank details online or storing same, we are totally transaction-free! Just snap, upload the item you wish to sell, tag it with #tags and you are ready to find buyers local to you to seal the deal face-to-face.
Whether you are a buyer or seller, simply use the #tag to post or filter through posts when selling or looking for items of interest to you. For example, to sell a TV in London simply #tag the item and your location + your message. e.g #TV #Sony #London + I have a Sony TV for sale.  

You can #tag your location more specifically, i.e. village, district, local street, avenue, drive name e.t.c. For example, #Hendon

To buy, simply create filters with the #tag to filter and display only what is relevant to you. For example, if you want to buy a NIKE backpack in Edinburgh, create search filters with e.g. #NIKE #backpack #Edinburgh and it will display posts of all NIKE backpacks in Edinburgh that have been posted for sale on the site

Better still, #tag filter by the specific model name and your location to find deals, if any, literally next door!

We are a buyer and seller haven because, amongst other things, we are safe, we connect you directly with the market local to you, help you find great deals in your surroundings, save you cost on online transaction charges, save you cost on trips to find items available locally, facilitate face-to-face contact, product inspection and prompt in-person payment where parties are happy to transact.

Say hello to hybrid transactions!

No matter what continent you in, Africa, Antartica, Asian, Australia, Europe, North America, or South America, and no matter what nation you are from, a buyer or seller, Snap-tag-sell connects you to amazing deals local to you. We are community focused and our business model serves to empower people from all works of life to explore commercial opportunities online, yet, connecting them directly with their clients and our in-app chat facility means you can start a conversation and strike a deal now.

Join the community today! Snap it, #tag it and sell it.


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